1. We make our Customers more competitive.
  2. People are the most important.
  3. We are Entrepreneurs within the strategy of the company.
  4. Quality is key in every aspect of our work.



  • Adimec combines a design and manufacturing organization with a worldwide marketing and a direct sales & support network of business offices in Europe, Japan, Singapore, USA.
  • In close cooperation with our key customers, we align and develop innovative technology for the future (roadmap sharing).
  • We retain leading industry experts in application-specific camera design and integration.
  • We develop platforms of camera families with optional additional capabilities - thus offering tailored solutions at a faster time to market with lower risk and cost.
  • We develop strategic industry partnerships to enable quick and reliable responses to market requirements.
  • We remain stable yet innovative by enriching longtime partnerships while also developing new opportunities.




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Alex de Boer



'We make our customers more competitive.'