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Application Support

There are many cameras and sensors in the market suitable for a variety of system environments and measurement methods. By comparing specification sheets, different cameras can appear very similar. With over 20 years of experience with camera solutions in a variety of applications, Adimec has in-depth knowledge to help you choose the camera that satisfies the image requirements for your application. If standard products do not meet your needs, we will collaborate to create the solution you want.  


Sales Support

We like to make sure that when an Adimec camera is selected, it will be the best choice for the customer and its application. We obtain a detailed understanding of the required image to jointly create a solution that satisfies all aspects of the system design.  


Product Support

The first line support is located in Adimec’s business offices in Europe (Eindhoven), the United States (Boston), Asia-Pacific (Singapore), and Japan/Korea (Tokyo). The business offices work closely together and are supported by a second line support and strategic marketing organization stationed at Adimec’s headquarters alongside both the development and production groups to ensure that fast and detailed responses are achieved on product functionality, performance, and system integration.


3 year warranty

All of Adimec’s machine vision cameras include an extended warranty* that ensures products delivered are free from fault in design, material and manufacturing for 3 years after delivery. We know that downtime of your machine is significantly more expensive than the cost of any one component. We offer this warranty to relieve you of at least some of the cost concerns, but also to demonstrate our confidence in the reliability of our products.


We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built, and most of our first customers from nearly 20 years ago remain customers today.


*when used as intended, Adimec’s standard terms and conditions apply



Adriaan Umans

Customer Service Manager 


'With Adimec, a local engineer is dedicated to provide the technical support required for the entirety of the partnership.'