Product Development

Q-drawWe carefully select new products that match our core competencies and satisfy our customers’ needs.  


Once a project is deemed feasible and assigned, we follow a product creation process with intermediate (customer) checks to guarantee an outcome that meets the customer requirements. This method has evolved over the last 15 years to guarantee that the first batch of a released product is as well developed as the thousandth. 


The process takes 1 - 14 months from project release to production depending on the complexity of the product. Every project manager abides by this procedure so the same level of reliability and reproducibility is achieved.


Since quality assurance is built into every step, there is always early feedback and an immediate response to changes required. For instance, we utilize failure modes and effect analysis (FMEA) to identify and manage risks as early as possible. In addition, we use the Maturity Grid to track and follow up on product and production maturity issues during the creation process.


When a project moves to the next stage, a project review is conducted to evaluate the necessary product maturity.  


Corné Schoenmaker

R&D Manager


'People make the difference.
We combine the strengths of individual specialists to create our innovative products...reliable, comprehensive, and on time'.