Quality Management

When you choose a key component for your system, you want to know two things: 


Will the delivered product meet the promised specifications? Is the company providing it reliable and sustainable? 


Quality management is not a department but a disciplined way of working for everyone at Adimec. High product quality begins with a well-defined and reliable

productdesign. Quality assurance is integral in our product development process. We then ensure it is maintained by integrating procedures throughout our organization with compliance to ISO 9001:2008.


When we claim 100% factory testing, we do not mean verifying that the camera simply turns on. We inspect every camera using our thorough acceptance test procedure and make any adjustments necessary to guarantee full compliance to specification. Our return rate has historically been very low, and we have a rigorous program in place for further improvement. If the need for a return does occur, we follow the Eight Disciplines Problem Solving (8D) method to react quickly and thoroughly. 


We constantly work to improve our quality as well as adapt to the latest environmental and security requirements. We have also built a solid foundation to ensure a sustainable business regardless of market changes. We have a long-term oriented, low risk growth strategy that has proven successful since 1992 as we have continuously gained market share without any drastic measures such as mergers and acquisition.


Our accredited certifying company, Det Norske Veritas, ranked Adimec highest in The Netherlands in maturity of our Quality Management Systems.

For a copy of our ISO 9001:2008 compliance certificate, please click the button on the right.


Corné Schoenmaker

Quality Manager

'Quality is lived in every aspect of the Adimec organization.'