Supply Chain Management

At Adimec, supply chain management means more than simply controlling the supply i.e. knowing what to order and make sure that it arrives on time.  The Adimec supply chain is all about planning and communication: planning of future demand and communication between our customers, Adimec and our suppliers.


Delivery Performance

Our delivery performance is high due to our supply chain management processes for safety stock and second source suppliers.  We have involved our suppliers in our supply chain up through our customers.  We structure our production in such a way that the highest value addition takes place in the latest stage possible.  All of this, combined with continuous communication, enables us to react in a flexible manner to ever-changing customer needs.


Product Life Cycle Management

We understand that change is not always a good thing when it would impact your system consistency.  We have the least product changes through solid product life cycle management of component obsolescence.  Our thorough product development process provides a finished product right from the start of production to eliminate the need for frequent upgrades and modifications.


Jos Bellers

Supply Chain Manager


'Once the camera solution is complete, you want to be confident that it is delivered as requested and for the length of your program.'