Adimec cameras are known for their high quality....
....but what does this mean exactly? 

Since 1992 we are completely dedicated to high-performance industrial cameras. We create cameras that are designed to fit into complex system architectures. We work to completely understand the image sensor in order to optimize the output and minimize the artifacts that would impact our customers. Through our camera developments for extreme environmental conditions, we have the knowledge to create reliable and robust designs for any situation. 


Adimec has the expertise and flexibility to develop the camera
that is specifically required for your application


We focus on continuously developing our processes and providing the highest quality products.  As a result, Adimec continues to satisfy our customers' increasingly greater demands for performance, embedded functions and in-depth support.


Joost van Kuijk 160x160

 Joost van Kuijk



'Quality is always our starting point, but more important: it is our way of thinking.'