High performance cameras for machine vision systems

Q-12A180 silver mirror 100x78QUARTZ series

Global shutter CMOS, CMOSIS

5.5 um pixel size
12 Mpx up to 187 fps
Camera Link, CoaXPress


QUARTZ cameras


Sapphire front 300c dpi





Global shutter CMOS, ON Semiconductor

4.5 um pixel size

25 Mpx up to 80 fps

CoaXPress and Camera Link

SAPPHIRE cameras


NORITE seriesNorite shadow small picture copy

Global shutter CMOS, 5 megapixel CoaXPress camera  

29x29x45 mm with 1” optical format 

Reduces system complexity for multiple camera vision systems

NORITE cameras



Qs series   opal-series

Global shutter CMOS, CMOSIS

5.5 um pixel size
4 Mpx up to 90 fps
Camera Link


Qs cameras


A-4x50 series103109 Adimec 12383

Rolling shutter CMOS, ON Semiconductor

7 um pixel size

4 Mpx up to 196 fps

Camera Link

A-4x50 cameras


opal-seriesOPAL Series



CCD, ON Semiconductor

5.5 um pixel size

1 to 8 Mpx up to 120 fps

Camera Link and GigE


OPAL cameras



A-1000 seriesA1000m 042947 HR

CCD, ON Semiconductor

7.4 um pixel size
1 to 4 Mpx up to 50 fps
Camera Link


A-1000 cameras