Cameras for semiconductor wafer metrology


By designing machine vision cameras especially for optical inspection and metrology systems, Adimec helps equipment manufacturers to increase throughput and detection capabilities of their system. Through close partnerships, we fine-tune high-end vision products to support the innovations of our customers. Depending on the measurement method used, this involves extracting the highest quality out of CCD cameras and pushing the speed limits of CMOS cameras. Our cameras are relied on 3D metrology algorithms such as 3D-Interferometry, 3D-triangulation and 3D-phase shift equipment.


Since any variation in the vision system is directly reflected in the yield from the wafer fab, our reliable cameras deliver repeatable quality over time and temperature.



Cameras for semiconductor metrology and inspection equipment

Our machine vision cameras ensure predictable and stable operation for wafer inspection and metrology equipment.  



Bare wafer inspection


Overlay inspection


Macro & micro defect inspection 


Critical Dimension metrology






Detect smaller features and increase wafer throughput

Faster, Better, Cheaper is our continuous goal.


Detect smaller features

Adimec has delivered thousands of cameras per year for use in semiconductor process control systems.  We take care in our camera designs and proprietary image detection processing to facilitate accurate registration of the smallest details. With high dynamic range, high sensitivity and high image uniformity, Adimec’s Machine Vision cameras produce excellent images that enable systems to meet ever-increasing in-line evaluation requirements.


Increase wafer throughput 

We are always working to get the fastest frame speeds without any compromise in image quality. Technology such as burst mode, CoaXPress and region of interest (ROI) help with efficiency.


High resolution

1, 2, 4, 12 and 25 8 megapixel cameras with flawless image quality.








Improve yield

With cameras that are reliable and deliver repeatable quality over time and temperature.


Improve yield with reliable & stable performance

A key to the accuracy and quality of results achieved in Adimec cameras is the attention to detail paid during the sensor mounting and alignment processes.  In addition, each camera undergoes a rigorous, individualized assembly and test procedure process during which mechanical and electrical adjustments are made to ensure all cameras are consistent.


Cameras with consistent performance reduce the metrology variability and serves to better determine the process variation. This reduces process deviations, allowing root cause analysis to take corrective action.


Consistent performance

Thorough final testing to make every camera in a series as close to identical as possible allows for simpler tool matching, drop in replacements, and automated set-up rather than complicated alignments each time.




Recommended cameras


QUARTZ series

Global shutter CMOS

5.5 um pixel size

2M at 340 fps

4M up to 180 fps

12M up to 187 fps

Camera Link, CoaXPress

80 x 80 x 29 mm




OPAL series

5.5 um pixel size
1M at 120 fps to 8M at 16 fps
Camera Link (Base), GigE, CoaXPress
52.5 x 52.5 x 78 mm




Qs series

Global shutter CMOS
5.5 um pixel size
2M at 120 fps to 4M at 60 fps
Camera Link (Base)
52.5 x 52.5 x 78 mm






A-1000 series


7.4 um pixel size

1M at 50 fps - 4Mpx at 16 fps

Camera Link (Base)

45 x 45 x 81 mm (A-1000)

52.5 x 52.5 x 79.4 mm





A-4x50 series

Rolling shutter CMOS
7 um pixel size
4M at 66, 150 and 196 fps
Camera Link (Deca)
80 x 80 x 41 mm