June 16th, 2010

Adimec launches Q-4A180

Throughput enhancement without compromises


Adimec announces the Q-4A180 camera. Utilizing the latest global shutter CMOS technology, the Q-4A180 delivers 4 megapixels at 180 fps. This camera is designed for metrology and inspection applications used in the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industries. Through its proprietary ‘True Accurate Imaging’ technology, the Q-4A180 allows an increase in throughput without compromising measurement accuracy. The repeatable & consistent image quality also makes the camera ideal for those who want to go from 2D to 3D inspection.The Q-4A180 is the first member of the QUARTZ Series. This new camera series will deliver cameras combining excellent images at the highest speeds with 4,8 and 12 megapixel resolution.The QUARTZ series uses standard Camera Link interface (10 tap) and can be equipped with CoaXPress interface for even higher speeds over longer distances using standard flexible coax cable.


Adimec, since 1992

Adimec focuses on development and manufacturing of high-performance cameras, and partnering with major OEMs around the world. The company has the distinction of serving industry leading companies in three application areas:  machine vision, medical, and defense imaging. Adimec’s unique expertise facilitates the creation of industry-leading cameras that deliver a performance advantage to high-end systems. Adimec achieves long-term customer satisfaction by offering a unique combination of product configuration/performance, life cycle management, and total cost of ownership.  Adimec has offices around the world dedicated to creating customer value and satisfaction through local support by knowledge people.


Contact Information

Adimec Advanced Image Systems b.v

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Fax        : +31 40 2353 905www.adimec.com

Press Contact: M. Raaijmakers ()Sales




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