June 9th, 2009

CoaXPress beyond Camera Link

Introducing CoaXPress

CoaXPress is a new digital interface technology capable of sending power, General Purpose IO, commands and image data at (very) high speeds.  

With CoaXPress, a camera can be connected to a system using just one standard coax cable. Contrary to most high performance interface solutions like Camera Link which use stiff cables up to 10 meters in length, CoaXPress supports lengths up to and over 50 meters with a very flexible coax cable.  

In addition, data rates far beyond Camera Link (Full) can be handled. This makes CoaXPress very suited for Plug and Play interfacing in current and future applications.



CoaXPress was developed by Adimec and EqcoLogic. EqcoLogic’s proprietary equalizer technology enables the use of standard coaxial cables also at ground breaking data rates.  

“We are very proud to bring this enabling interface to the market. This cost effective scalable solution supports high data rate transmission over a simple coax cable. I’m sure that this will excite the industry and we expect that this interface will evolve into a standard”, states Andries Hofman, CEO of Adimec.  

Equipment Manufacturers are looking for components and solutions that will give a competitive edge to their business and facilitate the ever more demanding system requirements in today’s markets.
Just Smit, President of Sales & Marketing at Adimec states, “CoaXPress will help equipment manufacturers to accomplish their goals in the future by offering reliable high data rate image transmission by a simple, long and flexible cable especially with pan-tilt and other moving camera heads.

CoaXPress in Adimec products

Adimec introduces CoaXPress technology to the market via the OPAL camera family.  The new cameras in the OPAL series are fully Camera Link compatible while eliminating the drawbacks of Camera Link cabling on length, flexibility and ease of integration by using CoaXPress technology as an internal interface.  

With Adimec’s OPAL cameras, you are now able to transfer image data, include power and apply general purpose IO and camera commands over one single standard RG59 coax cable up to 50 meters length. If needed, bridge even further distances without repeaters or hubs by using higher quality coax cables. 

Simplify your connectivity infrastructure. Utilize our excellence in imaging in accuracy, throughput and connectivity with our OPAL Camera Link cameras with CoaXPress technology.


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