April 4th, 2011

CoaXPress gains steam: See it in action at ISC West Las Vegas April 5- 8, 2011

CoaXPress seems not only to be hot in machine vision applications, but also in the security market. By using standard 75Ω coax cable, CoaXPress enables really interesting features. Due to its high bandwidth, CoaXPress is highly suitable to transmit full HD images at 60 fps over 140 meters. Simultaneously, power is supplied over the coax cable to power the camera, making local power supplies unnecessary.


At next week’s ISC West Conference in Las Vegas, visitors will get to see first-hand what a CoaXPress enabled system looks like. At the show, which targets security-related applications, chip supplier Eqcologic will be demonstrating a complete CoaXPress system, including the OPAL-2000m camera from Adimec and a CoaXPress-enabled frame grabber from BitFlow.


The OPAL cameras are the first commercially available products to support the CoaXPress standard, providing developers with a high-speed, flexible and scalable approach to implementing systems requiring long-range communications. The flagship OPAL series of cameras is Adimec’s most versatile family, delivering unparalleled channel matching, linearity and dynamic range at resolutions between 1-8 megapixels at more than 120 FPS. Optimized outdoor imaging functionality, such as automatic exposure control, is available.  The CoaXPress interface allows it to deliver transmission performance up to 3x faster in a single coaxial cable.


In response to the CoaXPress opportunity, BitFlow has extended its family of frame grabbers to include CoaXPress support as well. The Karbon-CXP supports  camera speeds up to 6.25Gb/S, and is the latest in the Karbon family of BitFlow frame grabbers, which have been shipping worldwide since 2005. Features include: support for up to four cameras synchronized or independent, camera power up to 13W, Safe Power, automatic camera speed detection, separate I/O for each camera. The company also offers a wide range of high performance Camera Link, digital, and analog capture products.


The recently announced Eqcologic transceivers chip sets enable the asymmetric (high speed one way, low speed the other) transmission of image data from the camera and control signals and triggering information from the frame grabber. The chips also help support transmission of power from the frame grabber to the camera.

This performance/distance combination is especially critical in security and outdoor applications such as those being shown at ISC West.


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