November 3rd, 2009

CoaXPress wins Vision Award 2009

Adimec submitted the latest interface, CoaXPress (abbreviation CXP) for the Vision Award 2009. The unanimously voted CoaXPress as the winner of the award out of 26 challenging submissions. The reason for winning was,“…a link faster than Camera Link with reach as far as GigE, and carrying power too!”, according to Don Braggins, spokesman of the Vision jury. During the Vision 2009, Adimec also launched the OPAL/CXP, the first machine vision camera family with this promising interface. More information about these cameras can be found  


CoaXPress consortium

The CoaXPress technology was originally developed by Adimec and EqcoLogic.  For a successful world-wide acceptance and availability, the originators formed the CoaXPress Consortium whose goal is to standardize this new interface.  Currently the consortium consists of the following companies:

  • Active Silicon – Frame Grabbers
  • Adimec - Cameras
  • Component Express - Cables
  • EqcoLogic - Chipsets
  • AVAL DATA -  Frame Grabbers
  • NED – Line Scan Cameras

More information on CoaXPress can be found on or contact your local Adimec representative


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