November 30th, 2011

Innovation awards recognise major advances in 3D TV and electric vehicle projects.

Both CATRENE and the ENIAC JU presented innovation awards in 2011. The winner of the CATRENE award was TritonZ, a smaller project on 3D TV which has produced substantial results including a new world standard for high speed digital interfacing. The ENIAC JU award went to E3Car for a series of breakthroughs which included a world record in semiconductor performance with a 35% increase in energy efficiency in electric vehicles, improving
performance and increasing range.


The criteria for the CATRENE Innovation award are well established, covering project objectives, management, level of innovation, exploitation potential and market impact as well as the overall benefits for Europe. TritonZ involved only six partners but they are leaders in their domains and already exploiting the outcomes of the project
in both consumer and professional markets – including TV broadcast, machine vision, health- care imaging and video surveillance. While 3D display technology is well advanced with a wide range of products already available,
TritonZ focused on image capture and transmission which have both been less well treated.
The result was the successful development of K.-J. Damstra, Project Leader TritonZ


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