November 21st, 2007

Introduction OPAL-1000

Adimec Introduces Unique High Speed Cameras

Superior image quality with megapixel resolution at over 100fps

Eindhoven, the Netherlands (September 2007).  

Adimec announced a new high speed CCD camera for fast inspection applications.  The OPAL-1000m is the first in a series of cameras to utilize state-of-the-art sensors which offer greater spatial resolution at high speeds.  This advanced sensor technology combined with Adimec’s proprietary electronics provide excellent linearity over the full dynamic range through optimized embedded video processing.  Other important performance parameters include channel matching to below noise level, automatic black and shading, and defect pixel correction. 

“We are excited to continue developing cameras that combine our high standard for image quality with the faster speeds needed to meet the growing demands of the machine vision market,” said Just Smit, CEO.  The OPAL-1000 cameras are an expansion of Adimec’s successful Adimec-1000 family of high performance CCD cameras to allow a faster camera option for the increasing demands of OEM’s worldwide.  “The repeatable performance of the OPAL-1000 cameras makes them an ideal and reliable fit for the most demanding OEM applications” added Mr. Smit.

The OPAL-1000m optimizes a 1/2" CCD area array sensor with 1024x1024, 5.5um square pixels.  This camera can deliver up to 120 full frame images per second with unparalleled image quality and high signal to noise ratio.  To enable high frame rate image acquisition in combination with standard frame grabbers, the OPAL-1000 cameras have a built-in frame memory that decouples the asynchronous image acquisition and image readout.  The image readout and CameraLink interface of these cameras allow for software configuration and easy integration.  As with all of Adimec’s products, the OPAL-1000 cameras are 100% factory tested on all specifications to guarantee fast, accurate, reliable, and reproducible image capturing for OEMs.  The OPAL-1000m addition will allow high-end OEM systems to meet the needs of even faster throughput while gaining performance advantages and without sacrificing image quality.  

The OPAL-1000m will be publicly introduced at the Vision’07 Show in Stuttgart, Germany, from 6-8 November.   



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